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Streamline your Electric Vehicle and Charger Management with AI for Ultimate TCO and CO2 Control
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Fleet Management

All in ONE platform to manage all your EV fleet operations

EV Charger Management

Streamlining electric vehicle charging infrastructure for optimal performance

EV Telematics & Analytics

Comprehensive data analysis for effective electric vehicle fleet management.

AI based Intelligence

AI-driven intelligence enhances data-driven decision-making processes

Multiple sensors integration

The seamless combination and integration of various IOT sensors for enhanced data gathering

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EV Charger Management
SaaS & White Label
Smart Charging
EV Roaming
Remote Management
Plans & Tarrifs
EV Telematics
Realtime Data (SoC, SoH, Range)
Battery Analytics
Multi Sensor Integration
Diagnostic Information (DTC's)
More than 600+ models supported
Frequently asked questions
I haven't made the transition to EVs just yet.

Don't fret; we also support Combustible and Hybrid vehicles. Begin utilizing our platform and discover the advantages of incorporating EVs

What if your hardware does not support my brand or vehicle?

We seamlessly integrate your vehicle into our system, whether through collaboration with the manufacturer or via advanced reverse engineering techniques.

Is it possible to use only EV charger management?

Certainly, we offer SaaS and White Label solutions for effective EV charger management. Web and mobile app at your disposal

I'm currently using multiple products. Can you still assist me with analytics?

Absolutely, we offer extensive integration capabilities. Connect all your resources to our platform to establish a centralized 'Control Tower' for your business—a true all-in-one solution.

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