Electric Vehicle charging platform for Fleet Operators

EV Charging Opportunities for Fleet Operators

Unlock 15-25% Cost Savings Switching from ICE to EV Fleet. Enjoy Efficiency, Low Electricity Rates, High Utilization, for Quick ROI and Lower Ownership Costs.

Our features

Every feature you need to kickstart
and run your EV charging infrastructure or business

Monitor Your EV Charging Process in Real-Time

Seamless EV Fleet Operation: Maintain control, save costs by troubleshooting remotely. EVNow integrates with your fleet software, offers real-time alerts, connects home chargers, and links with public charging operators.

EV charging reports and analytics, and billing

EVNow’s Platform: Real-time insights on EV driver behavior, energy use. Simplified billing, automated reimbursements for home, depot, and on-road charging. Reporting tools enhance cost visibility

Select Future-Proof Charging Hardware with Confidence

Future-Proof Your Charging: EVNow’s software is hardware-agnostic and OCPP-compliant, integrating seamlessly with all stations for comprehensive fleet tracking and performance monitoring

Lower Operating Costs with Smart Power Management

Optimize Charger Deployment for Existing Electrical Supplies, Avoid Power Capacity Upgrades, Minimize Maintenance Costs, and Implement Priority User Groups to Streamline Fleet Charging, Internal Staff, Visitors, and Operational Vehicles Ahead of Regular Employee Cars

Empower Drivers to Charge Anywhere

Unlock Seamless EV Roaming with Direct OCPI and Connect to Public Charging Operators via Roaming Hubs like Hubject and GIREVE. Easily Access and Manage All Charging Activity Through a Customizable Dashboard, Complete with Detailed Reports for Personal and Mileage Costs

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Launch, optimize, and scale your EV charging infrastructure or business with EVNow’s hardware-agnostic management platform.