Cloud platform for Telematics video

Our advanced video telematics system integrates ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DMS (Driver Monitoring Systems) to ensure safety and efficiency. Real-time images, driving data and metrics such as speed and GPS location are displayed on a large digital screen. This cutting-edge technology improves road safety by providing continuous monitoring and valuable information.

Our characteristics

State-of-the-art features to increase safety and security

Integrated AI-based ADAD/DMS system

Live broadcast, history broadcast, alarm video evidence

1080p/720p streaming with h265 compression

Accurate passenger counter, blind side detection, 360 camera view. Multiple AI-based features

Up to 2 TB hard drive, compatible with SD. 4G LTE with 3G/2G support. GPS/Glonass/Biedou, WIFI optional

AI3 AI Camera

Supports up to 4 channels with integrated AI ADAS and DMS solutions. It has a mini screen for alerts, blind spot detection and support for security cameras. Includes speaker and microphone.


Supports up to 8 cameras with integrated HADAS AI and DSM. Includes security cameras, passenger counter, 360-degree view and blind spot detection.

AI1 Camera

Supports up to 2-channel video recording with easy installation. It offers street and cabin views, continuous recording and real-time live streaming. Compact design.

AI2 AI Forklift

Next-generation forklift monitoring system with driver monitoring, blind spot detection, face ID authorization, speed and alarm reminders, and seat belt safety monitoring.

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