EV telematics & analytics for Fleet Owners & Operators
Electric vehicle (EV) telematics and analytics play a crucial role in helping fleet owners and operators manage their electric vehicle fleets efficiently and effectively. Telematics involves the use of technology to collect and analyze data from vehicles in real-time, while analytics processes this data to provide actionable insights

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Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking
  • Real-Time Location Tracking: Telematics systems provide real-time GPS tracking, allowing fleet managers to monitor the location and route of each EV.
  • Range and Battery Monitoring: Telematics can track battery levels and calculate the estimated range, helping to prevent range anxiety incidents.
  • Charging Status: Fleet managers can monitor the charging status of each vehicle, including the state of charge and charging progress
Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency: Telematics data can be used to analyze energy consumption patterns and identify opportunities for optimizing energy usage.
  • Energy Consumption Reports: Fleet managers can generate reports on energy consumption per mile or kilometer for individual vehicles or the entire fleet
Charging Infrastructure Management
  • Charging Station Utilization: Telematics systems track the usage of charging stations, helping to optimize station placement and capacity.
  • Charging Session Data: Data on charging sessions, such as start and end times, energy consumed, and cost, is collected and can be used for analysis
Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • Battery Health: Telematics systems monitor the state of health (SOH) of EV batteries, helping fleet managers schedule maintenance and replacements proactively.
  • Maintenance Alerts: Automated alerts can be generated for routine maintenance tasks, reducing downtime and costs
Predictive Analytics
  • Range Predictions: Advanced analytics can predict the range of each EV based on historical data and driving patterns, aiding in route planning.
  • Maintenance Predictions: Predictive analytics can forecast when maintenance or repairs are likely to be needed, reducing unexpected breakdowns.
Cost Analysis and Reporting
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Analytics can calculate the TCO for each EV in the fleet, considering acquisition costs, operating costs, and maintenance expenses.
  • ROI Analysis: Fleet owners can assess the return on investment of transitioning to electric vehicles compared to conventional vehicles.
Driver Behavior and Training
  • Driver Efficiency: Telematics data can track driver behavior, including acceleration, braking, and idling, helping to identify opportunities for more efficient driving.
  • Driver Scorecards: Driver performance scorecards can be generated based on telematics data, encouraging safer and more eco-friendly driving practices.

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