Electric Vehicle charging platform for Charge Point Manufacturers
EV Adoption Approaching Critical Mass

Embracing Change: New EV Charging Business Models

Operators and installers seek cost-effective, high-quality charge points. They need a cloud-based management platform with monitoring, access control, payments, and reporting. Elevate your offering by bundling our software with your brand, serving diverse EV charging solution providers

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Every feature you need to kickstart
and run your EV charging infrastructure or business

Quickly Launch Your Operations

Partner with EVNow for a Competitive Edge: Get Your EV Charging Management Service Up and Running in Just 3 Weeks, Outpacing the Competition with Our Swift and Adaptable Software Solutions

Enhance Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Collaborating with us as your EV charging software partner will lead to cost savings in software support and development, freeing up valuable human resources. Additionally, it positions you to cater to new clients seeking cutting-edge software solutions

Maximize Your Sales Revenue

Increase Charger Sales with Our Software Bundle: Offer your clients a comprehensive EV charging management suite, and our dedicated team will provide ongoing support for all their software needs, boosting your sales

Reduce Total Operational Costs

The EVNow EV charging platform offers comprehensive EV charge point monitoring and operational control, including payments and essential business data. Our smart maintenance and active monitoring features assist both you and your clients in optimizing operational costs.

Why Partner with Us for EV Charging Management Software?

Deliver Hardware and Future-Ready Software with Our White-Label EV Charging Management Platform: Empower Your Clients with a Comprehensive, White-Label Solution Under Their Own Brand.

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