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Lucrative EV Charging Business Opportunities for Installers

In today’s market, customers demand more than just a charger; they need software for station management, restrictions, reports, and payments. EVNow’s platform serves B2B and B2C clients, boosting sales

Our features

Every feature you need to kickstart
and run your EV charging infrastructure or business

A single, all-encompassing platform compatible with all your charging stations

EVNow’s platform is hardware-agnostic, connecting all OCPP-compliant charge points (1.5, 1.6, 2.0.1) seamlessly. Monitor, control, log, and report errors from one unified interface. Say goodbye to platform juggling with different hardware makers

Cut down on maintenance time and expenses

Our EV charging management software incorporates auto-fault recovery algorithms, significantly reducing long-term maintenance costs and eliminating the necessity to dispatch maintenance personnel to individual sites

Enable your customers to accept payments

The era of free charging is behind us. Businesses are now exploring ways to generate revenue or, at the very least, offset their expenses. With the EVNow EV Charging platform, your customers can effortlessly monetize their charging points.

Take advantage of a range of incentives to kickstart your journey

EVNow’s charging platform ensures compliance with incentive program requirements, covering Smart Control, Data Protocol, and Cyber Security for OCPP-enabled chargers. Effortlessly meet diverse grant, rebate, and incentive needs

Utilize our white-label platform to broaden your service portfolio

Businesses now seek all-in-one solutions, combining station delivery, installation, maintenance, and essential software for control, payments, and billing. Our charging suite, compatible with major operators, branded with EVNow, gives you a competitive edge

Create a steady stream of recurring revenue from EV charging

EV charging boosts profitability through customer attraction, brand loyalty, and on-site optimization. Providing software for management and payments introduces monthly service fees, potentially increasing revenue – a proposition customers often embrace

Why Charge Point Installers Prefer EVNow

Scale Your EV Charging Network with Our All-in-One Cloud-Based Software: Optimize Operations, Cut Maintenance Costs, and Unlock Recurring Revenue Streams

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